Małgorzata Bukowicz (english version)

Małgorzata Bukowicz

66-131 Cigacice

ul.Podgórna 58

Poland + 48 604 148141


Education: Academy of Fine Arts In Wrocław,Faculty of Ceramics and Sculpture,

Diploma in 1984


Art Disciplines:


-Sculpture and Bas-relief : bronze bas-reliefs,bas-reliefs clay,stone and glass

-Venice glass mosaics

-Stained glass designs

-Conservation and Restoration of Stained Glass




Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers since 1984


Individual Exhibitions:

  1. Zielona Góra,Poland
  2. ETC Gallery Markiezenhof,Bergen op Zoom,the Netherlands,

Gallery ’90,Brussels,Belgium,

  1. Gallery “Brama”.Warsaw,Poland,

1993   Zielona Góra,Poland,

1998   Gallery “PO” Zielona Góra,Poland,

Gallery of Contemporary Art. (BWA)  Zielona Góra,Poland,

Gallery in Sulechów,Poland,

  1. Gallery of Contemporary Art  (BWA) Zielona Góra,Poland,
  2. Authorial Gallery in Cigacice,Poland,
  1. Gallery of Contemporary Art (BWA) Zielona Góra,Poland,
  2. “Italomania”  The Museum of  Ziemia Lubuska,Poland
  3. ”Magic of Raku”  Proarte Fine Art. Gallery,Zielona Góra


Group Exhibitions:

  1. Biennale for Young Art ,Zielona Góra,Poland
  2. INTERART,Poznań,Poland,

Autumn Salon,Zielona Góra,Poland,

Exhibition of Fine Miniature in Toronto,Kanada,

  1. Mons,Belgium


  1. “Arsenal’88” National Young Art Exhibition,Warsaw,Poland,
  2. Biennale for Young Art,Zielona Góra,Poland,
  3. ‘Generacja ‘80” Zielona Góra,Poland,
  4. Verden,Germany,
  5. Verden, Germany,

1994  Gallery,Hameln,Germany,

1995  Biennale of Small Sculptular Forms,Poznań,Poland,

1997  Gallery,”Zur Alten Malzfabrik”,Wriezen,Germany,

1997-2003  Autumn Salon Zielona Góra,Gorzów,Poland

2000  Gallery of Contemporary Art. (BWA) Zielona Góra,Poland,

2001 The Museum of  Ziemia Lubuska,Poland,

2002  Gallery,Bistrita,Romania

2003 The Museum of  Ziemia Lubuska,Poland,

2004-2010 Autumn Salon,Zielona Góra,Gorzów,Poland

2011  „the 100th Anniversary of the foundations of ZPAP,the Museum of  Ziemia Lubuska,Poland,

2012  „ Photosensitive””Gallery of Contemporary Art. (BWA) Zielona Góra,Poland,



  1. “Tuzin-Dozen”,Wroclaw,Poland
  2. Symposium “Project”,Ackermannshof, Germany,
  1. Sculpture Symposium,Neuzelle,Germany

2012     International  Symposium  „ The World’s Best Ceramic Fauntains”,

Guardiagrelle, Italy

2012    International   DIALOG  „ 3 Werkstatt im Freiien 2012 ”, Biesentahal , Germany,

Prizes and Honorable Mentions:

Gold Medal winner of the 10th Biennale of Small Sculptural Forms, Poznań, Poland

Governor of Poznań Province’s prize 1995,

Prize awarded by the School Inspectorate of Lubuskie,Poland  1998

Award of the President of Zielona Góra,Poland 2005

Animator of the Year 2006 in Lubuskie,

Honorary distinction,a special badge  “Great Friend to Kids” 2007,

Cultural Award of the President of Zielona Góra 2007,

Prize Winner of  the Project of a Monument to Commemorate Smolensk Crash


Award of the President of Zielona Góra,Poland 2013


Artwork Collection:

   The Museum of Ziemia Lubuska,Poland,

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts,Moscow,Russia,


Private Collections: (in private hands of)

The Chief Executive Officer of Oil and Gas Exploration Company,Warsaw,

The Chief Executive Officer  of ‘Geofizyka”,Cracow (Kraków),

The Chief Executive Officer  of Oil and Gas Exploration Company DIAMENT,

Director FX Energy,Warsaw,Poland

The Chief Executive Officer UP STREAM ORLEN,Poland

Some private collectors in Belgium,the Netherlands,Germany,Sweden and others

    Important Artworks:

     -“Jan Pawel II “ portrait sculpture,The Church according  to professor Stanisław

Miller’s  design ,Namysłów

- Church Decoration: Venice glass mosaics entitled:”The Adoration of the Divine

Mother” -stained glass,rose, baptismal bowl,Church in Gorzów Wlkp

-  Church Decoration: altar bas-reliefs in ceramics, Way of the Cross-ceramics,

stained glass, baptismal bowl, Dove fussing-glass at the Church of Jan

Oblubieniec,Zielona Góra

Fused glass bas-relief “The Cross as the Tree of Life” rose and the stained


windows, Sanktuarium (the Sanctuary) Matki Bożej Jazłowieckiej,


- ‘The Twelve Apostles’ ceramic bas-relief,The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in


- “Mourners”  fused glass bas-reliefs, the Chapel of the Cemetery in Zielona Góra

-  Memorial Plaque in fused glass, rust-resisting steel,ADB in Zielona Góra

-   Church Decoration,the Archangel Michael Church in Jenin

-  The Monument to Commemorate Smoleńsk Crash Victims 10.04.2010,The

Cemetery in Zielona Góra

-  Memorial Plaques in Żary,Lubniewice,Zielona Góra,Poland

-  Bachusiki (small sculpture figures) Zielona Góra


Authorial Stained Glass Designs and Patterns:

     Sanktuarium Matki Bożej Jazłowieckiej,Szymanów

The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy ,Świebodzin,Poland

The Sanctuary in Siekierki by the Odra river

Churches in:Zielona Góra,Gorzów Wlkp,Świbodzin,Żagań,Jenin,Miechów,Zlotnik,

Bledzew,Sieniawa Żarska,Międzyrzecz,Ostrów,Jemiołów,


Stained glass conservation:

     Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.  Zielona Góra,Gubin

PZU(Polish State Insurance Company) Zielona Góra

Churches: Słońsk,Ołobok,Świebodzin,Klępsk,Łęgowo,Wilkowo


Pedagogical experience:


Expert and Consultant of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) in regards to  developing Art School teachers’ evaluation and assessment in painting, ceramics and sculpture.

Diploma Teacher of Sculpture and Ceramics at Dom Harcerza since 1984

Teacher of Sculpture at the Art School of Zielona Góra since 2004

The Author of syllabuses  in Ceramics and Sculpture

Artistic Achievements in artistic workshops and the open air meetings,

International Youth Exchanges,

Awards and Distinctions of Student Art Contests and Exhibitions